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  • Change and Continuity: Steel Workers in Homestead

    Andrew Carnegie purchased the steel works of Pittsburgh Bessemer Steel Company, which had lost a strike to the Amalgamated Asso ciation of Iron and Steel Workers the previous year. Carnegie un dertook a huge expansion program, installing modern open hearth furnaces, hydraulic cranes, and electric lighting. While Carnegie made

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  • The Gospel of Wealth by Andrew Carnegie (Excerpt)

    The Gospel of Wealth by Andrew Carnegie (Excerpt) Headnote: Andrew Carnegie emigrated from Scotland to become one of the self made rich during the late 1800s and establish a valuable steel business near Pittsburgh, PA. Below is his 1889, Gospel of Wealth essay, where he outlines his beliefs

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  • Andrew Carnegie Quotes

    Andrew Carnegie [Part of his views on philanthropy] The man who dies rich, dies disgraced. Andrew Carnegie The ablest presidents are hampered by boards of directors and shareholders, who can know but little of the business. Andrew Carnegie The problem of our age is the proper administration of wealth Andrew Carnegie

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  • Carnegie Steel Company: An Early Model of Efficiency

    : Matthew DilalloLee Mas
  • Safety In The Steel Industry Metal Forming Solutions

    In the U.S., Andrew Carnegie led the iron and steel industry, not because of innovation but rather due to scale. Carnegie Steel had the capability to produce 2,000 tons of pig iron each day. At the turn of the century, Carnegie Steel merged into US Steel. US Steel became the largest and lowest cost producer of steel in the world.

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  • Andrew Carnegie Gospel of Wealth

    Andrew Carnegie was a poor Scottish immigrant turned millionaire who came to symbolize the opportunity for social mobility that some call the American Dream. He formed the Carnegie Steel Corporation and his profits from the steel industry made him one

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  • Andrew Carnegie Encyclopedia

    Andrew Carnegie >The Scottish born American industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie >(1835 1919) was one of the first "captains of industry." Leader of the >American steel industry [1] from 1873 to 1901, he disposed of his great >fortune by endowing educational, cultural, scientific, and

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  • Ironworkers and Andrew Carnegie, Great Americans

    Ironworkers are great Americans who literally built America. By the late 1880s, wood and stone supported bridges and buildings were replaced by steel as the primary load carrying material. Out of this building revolution, a new worker was born, the ironworker.

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  • 'The Gospel of Wealth' by Andrew Carnegie

    : Matthew MccrearyLee Mas
  • Andrew Carnegie Denton ISD

    Another famous robber baron was Andrew Carnegie (1835 1919), owner of Carnegie Steel. Unlike his fellow industrialists, Carnegie was an immigrant. Born in Scotland, he moved to the United States at the age of twelve. Although born into poverty, Carnegie s intelligence and resourcefulness turned misfortune to fortune.

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